Curry Evening

Another fundraising CSSI Curry Evening is being organised. It will be an opportunity to catch up on latest news, and enjoy a good curry made by a professional Indian chef from Southall!

When: Friday 28th September at 8pm

Where: International Presbyterian Church, 53 Drayton Green, West Ealing, W13 0JE

Cost: Adults £10 Children £3

All profits go to support the work of CSSI.

RSVP Steve: 07808162683


New sewing machines

New sewing machines

A gift of £500, kindly donated by a young couple in London, has gone to purchase new sewing machines. The other sewing machines had been so well used that they had come to the end of their life.

Water tank project

The tank water project is now happening for the very needy villagers of  Chengara Jayam (where CSSI SHG is established). It was not possible to dig a deep well because of difficulty getting machinery up the steep slopes. So it was decided that the best solution was to get large water tanks. The Panchyar Government have agreed to pump water up once a week.

The project has been kindly donated by Mr and Mrs Benham from Milton Keynes UK

Tailoring centre news

The Tabetha tailoring centre at Kanchiyar has been moved to a new room that has been constructed just above the old centre. It was inaugurated on 25th May 2012 by our Panchayat member and our former teacher Cini Sabu. This is to make desperately needed space for the CSSI Office.

Opening of tayloring centre

On the very day itself we donated a sewing machine to Miss Vineetha who does not have a father and her mother has mental health problems. The burden the whole family is on her shoulders. She has leaned tailoring skills and was longing for her own sewing machine. She was so happy that CSSI donated one which now means that she can work from home.

Sewing machine gift for student


Tayloring centre students

Hanwell Carnival

The day started with setting up the stall at 10am ready for a 12 noon start. It was very windy, and the stall next to us collapsed with the wind. It was reported that the wind got up to 40mph! Most of the day someone was holding on to the tent!. We had a continuous stream of people browsing and buying items at the stall, and was able to give out a number of cards with information about CSSI and it’s work. Thanks to the generous gifts from our supporters, and help on the stall we raised £250 towards the work of CSSI.
Big thanks to Steve and Pam for organising this.
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