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Significant process is being made with our new English medium school for the dalit Children living in the rural area.  Admissions are currently taking place for the new academic year. We are expecting to give admission for 60 children this year. Every year 60–100 children will be added to the school.

The newly admitted children will be hosted at Prattapur school.  They will be provide with uniform and books, and we are also working on providing a mid day meal.

The name for the school is Manthano Modern school (Manthano means follower) and the below bill board for the school has been placed in several villages.

Bill board notice for the new school










We are getting a good response from the villagers.  On 20th March 2013 we are going to the village to meet the parents of all new children to talk about our school and it’s benefits.

Please donate We immediately need play school items. If any one who is interested to sponsor play school  items worth £5-10 that would be of immense help.

Trustees Michael & Joan Heard’s visit to Kerala Hills Jan 2013

Here are some photographs from their trip.

Staff with Michael and Joan



An all India CSSI Board meeting was arranged for two days with a Kerala staff meeting and two programmes.







We were encouraged and blessed to hear reports from Daisy, Jolly, Sharmila and Sano of the eight children’s clubs activities and particularly stories about the children.

students with certificates



We heard news about the two tailoring centres and the three regular SHG (Self Help Groups). Certificates were presented to the students who had passed their exams—one young man turned up to pick up his sister’s certificate as she was married the previous day!




Tailoring student

Tailoring student



A gifted deaf and dumb tailoring student was promised a new sewing machine by the Panchyat Chairman—as he gave her the certificate.






Kanchiyar children



The children danced, sang and showed us their skills and talents at the programmes at Chenkara and Kanchiyar districts. Programmes lasted between three and four hours — with lots of speeches included!





Knitted caps, biros and lollipops donated from UK, were distributed. Our club children were delighted with the tennis balls and bats too.

Kids with the knitted caps and tennis stuff











This was an extra special visit for the Heard family. We had money donated in memory of Brian Heard towards a memorial well and to refurbish the shabby CSSI Head Office.

Brian Heard













There were many visits to homes and so many very rough roads and hairpin bends to get us to the places, but all so worthwhile.

Happy stories and others so sad.

Blessy and family





Here’s Blessy and family. Blessy was sponsored through CSSI for her education by a family in London. She was the top student at Krishna college and is now working in the intensive care unit at a private hospital in Kolkata.
We thank God for answered prayers, good health and safety.





Michael and Joan Heard visit to Kerala

Michael and Joan Heard will be travelling to the Kerala hills in India and staying until 1st February.

After two nights “holiday” in Cochin they will be picked up in a vehicle and taken the approx 6 hours journey to the CSSI centre in Kanchiyar. They will be based here and be involved in various CSSI projects, including:

•    SATURDAY 19TH – Children’s Programme, Self Help Groups, Tailoring Students Certificate Awards at Chenkara – this is usually a three hour programme with a good meal together at the end.

•    SUNDAY 20TH— Ministry at Pastor Sunny’s church, including fellowship over a meal.

•    FRIDAY 25TH — Programme with CSSI children’s club from Kanchiyar areas, visiting Tabeeda Tailoring students, Self Help Groups and, of course, a meal together!

•    Brian Heard’s (Michael’s nephew) memorial well will be inaugurated.
•    Dedication of new CSSI head office.

Other than this, a daily programme will be arranged when they arrive – meeting with CSSI leaders and staff, visiting homes, cottage meetings. This will mean extensive rough travel on dirt track roads to reach different areas of ministry. They would really value your prayers.

Christmas celebrations at Prattapur

Shaji writes: We are in Prattapur village for the Christmas programme.  We came yesterday, today we had two programmes for the children in the Sonarbaria School and for the Prattapur School.

Film show



It is night right now as I am writing this e mail and the film show is going on in the school ground for the Prattapur villagers.



Potato field



On my last visit I left  about Thirteen thousand rupees with Sahadeb for potato cultivation, which you see in the the potato field. I am sure in three months time Sahadeb will definitely bring some income out of this filed.


Much appreciated blanket during cold winter



Adarsh, Martin, Pradip and Sindip huddle to keep warm because the North Indian village gets very cold during winter.





Action songs



Action song led  by Adarsh, Sandip and Rana for the children in Prattpur.




Children enjoy their Christmas lunch













With our love and season greetings to all

Shaji & Beena from Prattput


A report from Pam and Steve’s recent trip to India.

Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your prayers for our recent trip to Kolkata and the remote villages of West Bengal.

We were encouraged by the generosity of so many who donated clothes, crutches, and cash to enable many children, young people and adults to be blessed by the churches and individuals in the UK.

Our involvement included a youth camp for a day in Kolkata. Every evening we attended small cottage meetings in different people’s homes. Children’s camps were held in some of the villages and we gave out clothing, children’s bibles and meals.

Thanks to Team Heathrow for the T shirts and jackets, and a charity shop in Ruislip (where we purchased a number of Sainsbury’s Olympic T shirts), we bought sports shorts for two teams which enabled us to and kit out four football teams.

A local Doctor was hired for three hours to see patients at one of the villages. He saw 119 patients.




Slum ministry

We visited three slums and conducted children’s meetings and a ministry programme for teenagers and adults. In one of the slums, a soya milk unit has been set up and over 200 children are benefiting from this service. In addition to this a housing programme has been set up to re-house those in the slum who are living in shacks. This action was prompted when the health minister visited the slum to open the soya unit, and was taken around the slum. On her return she directed finances into the slum for new housing. This has given CSSI a good standing in the community and among the people.

Kolkata trip

Would you like to experience the culture and colour of India? The myriads of people trying to survive in an environment of physical and spiritual poverty. At the end of May 2013 we are planning to visit Kolkata, and some of the remote villages of West Bengal. If you are interested let Pam or Steve know asap.

During this visit

  • Provided over 500 meals to needy children and adults. 750 treats for the children
  • 100 Children’s Bibles to families in two villages
  • Doctor treated 119 patients in three hours
  • Team Heathrow and Sainsbury’s T shirts and shorts for four football teams



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