Tailoring centre project

Group of tailoring students at Chenkera , Kerala hills

Group of tailoring students at Chenkera , Kerala hills

Tailoring students in the CSSI Kanchiyar centre

Tailoring students in the CSSI Kanchiyar centre

CSSI’s centre in Kerala trains women in tailoring skills. After a six month long course, it enables them to earn an income. For all these years we have rented a limited space with only one window and no other facilities.

Some land has now been purchased in Chenkara thanks to the generosity of several donors and we now need to build the centre.

The building cost is approximately £5500

Please do consider donating to make this project a reality.



Setting a poor rural family out of their Smoky kitchen by supplying them with Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) Cylinder. Compassion Service Society of India in Partnership with Ashadesh, Australia have taken up this special GoGreen project to help rural family to have a kitchen where women enjoy preparing their meal at their comfort. Smokeless Kitchen is a Dream of every women in the village, when they achieve that dream through our GoGreen project their joy is beyond words that they can express.

While giving up their traditional stoves like, kerosene, firewood, dry cow dung bring down a good amount of carbon monoxide from the atmosphere. So we can all enjoy a clean air! We salute these women who is become a part to reducing global warming.

To Know more about this project or want to be part of this programme please write to us.

Medical camp

This year’s medical camp will be conducted at the school between 15-17th October 2016 – do pray for the doctors who freely give of their time and also for the patients.

Newsletter update

News Letter CSSI June 2016 here is the latest newsletter from CSSI.

Curry evening 2016

The curry evening at IPC (International Presbyterian Church), Ealing, was a great success with over £470 raised for the work of CSSI.

Huge thanks are due to Steve and Pam Frost who organised the evening, the IPC community who made some delicious puddings, and of course to our wonderful cooks, pictured below.



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