Mangattil Abel Amos (or Pastor Amos) was born into a nominal Christian family but when his faith come alive he decided to obey God’s calling into the ministry. His family opposed him and he because of this he encountered many challenges, including homelessness, poverty and much suffering. God placed a burden on his heart to help people in similar circumstances to himself. He had a vision to care for the aged, widows and orphans.

Pastor Amos and Michael & Joan Heard

In 1983, he formed a team of volunteers in the Kerala hills to help poor people by providing manual labour to cultivate crops in the fields. Because they had no money at that time, they did whatever they could in the form of practical work to help the people.

Pastor Amos encouraged his volunteers to donate blood to the poor when they visited hospitals. They also helped the homeless by building mud huts for them to live in. These are just some of the social projects that the team undertook at that time. Little did they know that this small team would eventually grow to become a thriving ministry, working to eliminate poverty in India and improve the lives of many in a more.

From 1995 onwards the team became more organised and focused towards their vision. They developed new strategies that focused on the specific needs of local communities, from digging wells for drinking water to finding sponsorship to provide an education for poor children.

Shaji OA

Following his death his son Shaji continued the work.

In 1998, London based Pastor Michael and Joan Heard visited India and met the CSSI team. They were overwhelmed by the plight of the poor in India and felt the same burden and concern for them as Pastor Amos and the team, so they decided to join with the work of CSSI. Since then they have been actively supporting CSSI. They also encouraged their friends and family to donate gifts and share in this work. They injected new life into this ministry.

They have since visited the work in India at least once a year for the Trustees’ Meeting and to encourage and oversee the progress of the work. They have become like family to the team and are held in high esteem by the villagers who affectionately call them ‘Uncle Michael’ and ‘Auntie Joan’. They have been instrumental in helping to build schools, providing more wells, food and clothing especially for the children.

In 2009, CSSI become a registered charity in the UK (Charity No. 1127339) with an active voluntary board that meet twice a year as well as organising events to help raise funds.

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