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CSSI school 2014

Here is some up to date news about the new CSSI school building from Shaji OA.

The certificate for the land has arrived. Now we are proceeding with civil engineering drawings for the school. I was along with Sahadeb and the Civil Engineer yesterday. He has drawn a lay out plan for the school. We made some changes to the blocks in the drawings and now he will arrange the final layout and then come to the engineering drawings.  Thanks for the hard work of Sahadeb in getting paper work sorted.

Our school will have the following:

  • 24 class room
  • 3 lab rooms
  • 1 indoor games centre
  • 1 library
  • 1 computer room
  • 1 football ground
  • 1 50×25 ft swimming pool area
  • 1 auditorium
  • 1 three floor staff quarters
  • 1 office block

These are the units of the building for the future.  Please see the above model of the school.

There has been an outstanding performance of our school children in their last exams. In Class One, several children got their marks over 98%.  Thanks to the hard work of the teachers.

Now we have three teachers, with one more needed.  One of the discouraging things is recruiting. I brought several teachers and they all arrive excited but when they see our small village they are all discouraged. It is a real challenge to get good teachers to stay on with our school. I hope in the future we will overcome this crisis.

School Manager:  Sampu Singh working with OM school applied to us for the Post of School Manager.  He is qualified and his wife is also a teacher. They both would like to serve with us. Before making any commitment I have asked Sampu to make a visit to the school in the village to see if he will be able live there in the village and work.  I took him to the school along with me and shown the difficulties. Now he will discuss with his family and come back to us. If  he is willing we would like to appoint him as a School Manager.  Now we have come to such a need to have a school manager who will manage school day to day activities and documentation for the school.

We want to see our school one of the best of this kind in this state. I hope we can achieve this.

School Board: We also need to set up a separate Board for the school function.

Fund: We really need to pray for the funds to flow for construction of the building as well as running the school. The fund is getting very low over the past two months. Please pray for more donation to come.

Thank  you.




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