January/February 2014 – Short report from Trustees Joan and Michael Heard

Short report from Trustee Joan and Michael Heard.

We feel humbled, grateful, blessed and encouraged with this visit to CSSI field of ministry. Travelling many miles on rough roads in the mountainous areas to visit the tailoring centres, SHG groups, programmes and staff meetings was difficult ,at our age, but rewarding.
We want to thank our loyal CSSU supporters in the UK, who are standing by us.
DAISY has 33 children, regularly in her” Shining star” club.
16 members in her SHG
at present,13 tailoring students.

SHARMILA has 4 children’s clubs scattered over very difficult hill areas.

1 Winners club with 13 children
2 Shekinah club with 16 children
3 Little flower club with 11 children
4 Deepam club with 37 children.

also 2 SHG groups
Jayam with 12 ladies
Nirmala with 15 ladies.

AMUTHA and IANCY are our 2 new staff members. They have 3 SHG groups and 2 children’s clubs in different remote areas.

Feb 2014 photo 1

Tabeeda tailoring centre Kanchiyar








Feb 2014 photo 2

Tabeeda tailoring centre Kanchiyar

Feb 2014 photo 3

Amutha’s club children getting ready for their drama

Feb 2014 photo 5

Our wonderful SHG group leader, Lancy took us to see the tapioca plants the groups had planted,using their grant funds for this project. In approximately 10 months time,they will harvest and sell the crop to finance the groups’ needs.

Feb 2014 photo 6

Some of our club children –dressed for the occasion, ready to dance,sing, act and recite at the Vellaram kunnu programme, high up in the Kerala hills.

Feb 2014 photo 7

SHG secretaries receiving grants

Feb 2014 photo 4

Fellowship meal – Indian style. It was delicious too!

Feb 2014 photo 8




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