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Dear supporters of CSSI.


Thank you so much for all your prayers during the time of the medical camp. We never thought that the medical camp will turn to such a success. We were much bothered when we were looking at the weather, it was such raining and there were floods everywhere as an after-effect of the Typhoon Phailin hit the east coast. There was a heavy rain and flood till 26th October and the medical team was arriving on 26th night and 27th morning. We also fixed a medical camp in one of the slum on 27th afternoon.  26th morning when I saw our tent for the medical camp in the Marine village was fully flooded we were troubled.  This is a very poor slum,  people literally have nothing to live on. Water entered each and every hut in that slum. Yet they offered their help by giving several of their huts for conducting clinic.  As we were in the mid of confusion a local person, approached with a kind offer of help. He took us to his apartment and showed us a huge garage and told us to use that place for medical service to the poor  people. This was a great relief in such a time as we were in much need for suitable place.  In few hours time people from the slum cleaned it up and made that place available for medical camp. On Sunday the 27th afternoon we treated over 350 people at that place.

28th an 29th the clinic held at Promadnagar. We treated 1250 people in two days. The Doctors did several minor surgeries at this place. Dilaboti Devi who had a tumour growing on her forehead was visiting our clinic. She said she had no money to remove that tumour, she brought some of her medical report to our doctors. She was asked to go through a surgery but  it was very  costly so she had given up hope because her family could not effort 5,000 rupees towards this surgery.  When Dr. Ryan saw her he took pity on her and did the surgery instantly there in our clinic at medical camp. He operated and brought out a white stone sized 1.5 cm.  Next day she came and thank us for treating her. She said “it would have cost me a lot and it was impossible for me and my family and I am thankful for this medical camp and your service to me.”

30th October at Mudapara Slum.  Doctor Anil a Dentist who was delayed coming due to his vista delay landed on  30th morning and came straight to slum from the airport and began to see his patients. He pulled out teeth of over 25 patients on that day. We admired him he never consider his tiring  long travel all the way from US to India having changed several flights, jet lag noting bothered him or took him away from his commitment.  We treated over 350 patients here in this slum on that day.

Village Visit; we took the team to the village on 31st morning, it was a long travel to reach there in the village because of the flood the regular road which we used to take to go to the village was cut off so we have to take a long root (6hrs) to reach Chandrakona road the next medical camp.

November 1st morning we went to our new school land where they put the tent for medical camp. Sahadeb did a good job with his team. They made the camp centre like a hospital. The first day we treated over 400 people and on next day we had over thousand people. We supposed to have three days medical camp but we ran out of medicine on second day itself. People were fighting to get into the medical tent making a lot of disturbance on 2nd day. May villagers even snatched away reading class from clinic so it ran out very soon.  On that evening one of the political leader’s sensed that we may not handle medical camp on 3rd day so he said to one of the Indian Doctor to announce that there will be no medical camp on the next day as the medicine running short because of the over crowed. But many could not bothered about this announcement and gathered on very next day. We heard that there were twice the crowd than the previous day.  Three of our doctors where very tired and one was feeling sick.  Next day was Sunday and we all went to our village church where Nanci preached. Thereafter we put up a small  clinic for the believers in our church it was such a blessing for our people there.  We all enjoyed the meal that was prepared by the local believers. After the meal we journeyed back to Kolkata.  Our Medical camp was benefited to over 3700 people both from the slums and the villages.

As the result of the team visit six village children were selected for a regular sponsorship. All of them are our workers children. Thank God for all what he has done in short time.  Thank you very much for standing with us in your prayers.

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