Shaji’s visit to the UK

A message from Shaji

We were met at the airport by Pam and Steve and Aunty and Uncle were there to welcome us and to take us to their little apartment.   From very next day onwards we stated to meet with people, sharing and talking about the work.    It was a busy time we had in the UK, travelling and speaking in different place.  All are very much happy to hear and learn about the up coming English School in the village.  Most of our focus was to raise money towards the school building project.  Birmingham was the only place where I had to talk  about work in Kolkata City and work  with KCM.  Fund raising is not an easy job it is very hard  as I am learning.

We raised about £6212.00 for CSSI and £675 for KCM.  Thank God for his provision and we really need to be thankful to the people who loves our work and gives  towards it. Me and Beena  are thankful to the Lord for many people who stood with us in spite of all their financial crunch and mid of  job uncertainties.  God has been ever so faithful meeting our daily needs and helping our mission to move ahead.

Thank you all for your calls, e mails and Texts  while we were there in the UK. Thank you Paul for picking us up from Paddington. We did have a profitable time talking during that drive. It was good to see Brownie and your friends at your home.    James and Clare for putting that dinner for us and having giving that quality time to spend with you and your family. Phill, Hannah and Christine for that wonderful evening with  that Mexican meal. Joan and Larry  for your love, even though you were not well with all that surgery for Larry yet you called us in to have a time of fellowship and cup of tea with you. Special Thanks to Tony and Joann for taking us out for the dinner. Pam and Steve for spearing even your bed room for us, that was awesome!  In spite of all what Steve and Pam are going through yet  joyfully they  took care of us. We know Just a Thank you will not be just enough for all what you did for us. May the Lord richly rewards you for everything!

Thank you very much

Yours in Jesus.

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