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Significant process is being made with our new English medium school for the dalit Children living in the rural area.  Admissions are currently taking place for the new academic year. We are expecting to give admission for 60 children this year. Every year 60–100 children will be added to the school.

The newly admitted children will be hosted at Prattapur school.  They will be provide with uniform and books, and we are also working on providing a mid day meal.

The name for the school is Manthano Modern school (Manthano means follower) and the below bill board for the school has been placed in several villages.

Bill board notice for the new school










We are getting a good response from the villagers.  On 20th March 2013 we are going to the village to meet the parents of all new children to talk about our school and it’s benefits.

Please donate We immediately need play school items. If any one who is interested to sponsor play school  items worth £5-10 that would be of immense help.

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