Michael and Joan Heard visit to Kerala

Michael and Joan Heard will be travelling to the Kerala hills in India and staying until 1st February.

After two nights “holiday” in Cochin they will be picked up in a vehicle and taken the approx 6 hours journey to the CSSI centre in Kanchiyar. They will be based here and be involved in various CSSI projects, including:

•    SATURDAY 19TH – Children’s Programme, Self Help Groups, Tailoring Students Certificate Awards at Chenkara – this is usually a three hour programme with a good meal together at the end.

•    SUNDAY 20TH— Ministry at Pastor Sunny’s church, including fellowship over a meal.

•    FRIDAY 25TH — Programme with CSSI children’s club from Kanchiyar areas, visiting Tabeeda Tailoring students, Self Help Groups and, of course, a meal together!

•    Brian Heard’s (Michael’s nephew) memorial well will be inaugurated.
•    Dedication of new CSSI head office.

Other than this, a daily programme will be arranged when they arrive – meeting with CSSI leaders and staff, visiting homes, cottage meetings. This will mean extensive rough travel on dirt track roads to reach different areas of ministry. They would really value your prayers.

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