Christmas celebrations at Prattapur

Shaji writes: We are in Prattapur village for the Christmas programme.  We came yesterday, today we had two programmes for the children in the Sonarbaria School and for the Prattapur School.

Film show



It is night right now as I am writing this e mail and the film show is going on in the school ground for the Prattapur villagers.



Potato field



On my last visit I left  about Thirteen thousand rupees with Sahadeb for potato cultivation, which you see in the the potato field. I am sure in three months time Sahadeb will definitely bring some income out of this filed.


Much appreciated blanket during cold winter



Adarsh, Martin, Pradip and Sindip huddle to keep warm because the North Indian village gets very cold during winter.





Action songs



Action song led  by Adarsh, Sandip and Rana for the children in Prattpur.




Children enjoy their Christmas lunch













With our love and season greetings to all

Shaji & Beena from Prattput

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