A report from Pam and Steve’s recent trip to India.

Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your prayers for our recent trip to Kolkata and the remote villages of West Bengal.

We were encouraged by the generosity of so many who donated clothes, crutches, and cash to enable many children, young people and adults to be blessed by the churches and individuals in the UK.

Our involvement included a youth camp for a day in Kolkata. Every evening we attended small cottage meetings in different people’s homes. Children’s camps were held in some of the villages and we gave out clothing, children’s bibles and meals.

Thanks to Team Heathrow for the T shirts and jackets, and a charity shop in Ruislip (where we purchased a number of Sainsbury’s Olympic T shirts), we bought sports shorts for two teams which enabled us to and kit out four football teams.

A local Doctor was hired for three hours to see patients at one of the villages. He saw 119 patients.




Slum ministry

We visited three slums and conducted children’s meetings and a ministry programme for teenagers and adults. In one of the slums, a soya milk unit has been set up and over 200 children are benefiting from this service. In addition to this a housing programme has been set up to re-house those in the slum who are living in shacks. This action was prompted when the health minister visited the slum to open the soya unit, and was taken around the slum. On her return she directed finances into the slum for new housing. This has given CSSI a good standing in the community and among the people.

Kolkata trip

Would you like to experience the culture and colour of India? The myriads of people trying to survive in an environment of physical and spiritual poverty. At the end of May 2013 we are planning to visit Kolkata, and some of the remote villages of West Bengal. If you are interested let Pam or Steve know asap.

During this visit

  • Provided over 500 meals to needy children and adults. 750 treats for the children
  • 100 Children’s Bibles to families in two villages
  • Doctor treated 119 patients in three hours
  • Team Heathrow and Sainsbury’s T shirts and shorts for four football teams



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