Update from Steve and Pam

We have arrived safely in Calcutta!

We went to the village on Wednesday, about a four hour drive from Calcutta, and visited several villages over six days. Some of the villages we gave the children songs to sing teaching, and a cooked meal for over 500 children.

Woolen hats and jumpers were distributed as well as children’s clothes to hundreds of children.

In one of the villages we arranged for a doctor to distribute medicine, and just over a hundred patients were seen.

Every evening was a Bible study in the homes of different believers, and a Communion Service last Sunday.

We bought some shorts for two football teams from different villages, and with the shirts we took out and a football. The played a match one evening with around 100 villagers watching and a trophy presented to the winning team, and a smaller trophy for the runner up.

We are now back in Calcutta – thank you for your prayers!

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