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Lukose’s visit to Europe

“I left for Europe on the 7th October for a one month trip, visiting friends in Switzerland, the Netherlands and the UK. It was such a joy to meet up with Ken without whom my trip was not possible. I want to express my sincere gratitude to all the people who made my visit so comfortable. I was so happy to meet Doreen Aunty, Larry and Joan, all those who came for the open day programme at the Heards, Chacko Thomas, Graham Jack, Bruce and Sarah Clark, Anna and Daphne and Pastor Ken Persuad and the fellowship at NHCC. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip and thank you for your prayers and support to our family.”

Good News Clubs

Over 200 children annually receive new school bags, umbrellas and school books enabling them to attend school. These children come from very needy backgrounds. The parents appreciate the weekly input from CSSI workers

The two tailoring centres at Chenkara and Kanchiyar are progressing well and some students are setting up their own businesses in their own villages when they qualify. It’s so encouraging to see them start to fulfil their true potential.

The Self Help Groups continue to support each other with finances to help in times of need. Relationships with the CSSI staff are giving opportunities for prayer and support in their own homes.

Medical clinics

Over 350 patients in Pratappur and Gadarbagan were seen by two doctors and a pharmacist over two days and given medication from painkillers to water tablets, worm tablets to vitamins. Most of these patients would never be able to afford to see a doctor. One man who had had an operation on his foot had to go straight back to the fields to work but this caused an infection.

Thankfully he received treatment and his filthy bandage was replaced by a clean one. Extra medication was purchased with donations given from supporters. Because of this practical demonstration of God’s love, it helps to build bridges in the community with CSSI. Pastor Sahadeb and the team would love to hold more medical clinics. If you would like to be a part of making this happen, please do get in touch. With your help we could do so much more.

Painted School

CSSI Trustees Pam and Steve Frost visited Pratappur and the villages last October taking with them rollers and brushes to paint the school. Director Shaji Amos and Pam worked tirelessly with the teachers to transform the school building. Even the women wanted to have a go, quite an unusual sight in the villages!

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