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A lick of paint transforms Development Centre

Director of CSSI in India Shaji Amos bought paint, rollers and brushes to spruce up the centre which has recently been cemented. After a little instruction, they finished the side wall in just two hours! The workers brought a great deal of enthusiasm and labour, and even the women had a go. Two rooms in the centre were also painted.

Knitted Hats

Around 500 knitted hats were distributed to children from six of the eight villages visited. It was lovely to see the excitement and joy as they were given hats as well as biscuits and lollipops/

Medical Camp

Two doctors were employed to visit a couple of villages over two days. Medication was given out to many who would not be able to afford to see the doctor. Extra medication was purchased with donations given from supporters.


The photos below shows two of the children that are being sponsored at the moment. We are looking for more sponsors to enable these children and young people to fulfil their potential.

The sponsorship at £15 per month will enable the children to get extra tuition, medical support, a nutritious meal, school uniform and classroom materials. In the children sponsored so far, a real

difference has been in their progress. Would you consider sponsoring a child?

For more information contact Steve Frost:

Carpenter given tools

A young carpenter was given some tools and asked to make a spool for the cable that goes to the generator. With these tools he will be able to work for himself and support his family as well. We were also able to give out footballs to most of the villages.

It would be good if we could get hold of some football kit…any offers?

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